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Dear colleagues,

this weekend the workshop "Multi-level modelling of type 2 diabetes" will take off here in Linköping, and below comes some practical last-minute information.

* The home page is now updated with a (pretty much final) programme. There you also find some other useful practical information. An even more detailed description of how to get there will be sent out later.

* I attach a list of names of the attendees; some additional people might join in over skype, some of the listed people will only appear parts of the time

* You will get coffee in the breaks, Monday, and a dinner Sunday evening at the restaurant Sangria. Please write an email to if you have any dietary restrictions (vegetarian, allergies, etc), if you want to join the lunch also on the Saturday (and are not attending the previous workshop), or if you will not attend the included dinner/lunch on Sunday/Monday.

* The workshop is divided in three sessions: whole-body and multi-level models, organ-specific models, and omics and measurement technologies. These are complementary sub-topics to solving the same overall goal: to integrate pieces of knowledge regarding glucose homeostasis in a quantitative multi-level whole-body model, useful for basic research and clinican and pharmacological applications. For those of you who want to see some of the thoughts behind this overall goal, see e.g.
i) Cedersund et al, Eur J Pharm Sci. 2009 Jan 31;36(1):91-104 and two recent publication taking some of the first steps in this direction are
i) Dalla Man C, et al, IEEE Trans Biomed Eng. 2007 Oct;54(10):1740-9 (a well-characterised glucose-insulin whole-body level model)
ii) Nyman et al, JBC, 2011 In press (extention of the Dalla Man model to include detailed insulin signalling in adipocytes; available here

all these and are available as pdfs on the workshop home page.

* Finally, practical questions are best adressed to Rikard Johansson (, +46-(0)736 69 97 95), and programme and science-oriented topics are best adressed to me at +46-(0)702-51 2323

See you in Linköping in a few days! :)

Gunnar, Rikard, Pelle, Elin, Karin, Fianne, and the other members of the organising committee

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